The Pocket Launcher

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The Pocket Launcher takes a slightly different approach from most traditional slings. It's made to be lightweight, rugged, and easy to carry anywhere. It includes all of the features you would want in an everyday sling... whether you are competing in online target competitions or playing fetch with your dog. It is specifically shaped to fit a tennis ball, and one tennis ball is included so you can start slinging right away.


  • Roll it up, stick it in your pocket, and take it to the dog park.
  • Works in all weather conditions and rinses off with water.
  • Finger loop self-adjusts to comfortably and securely fit on most finger sizes (adults and children).
  • Asymmetric pouch shape retains ammunition securely and releases it quickly.
  • Cords can be replaced or adjusted by simply untying a knot.  The sling pouch will not be ruined if the cords are repurposed in a camping emergency.
  • At under 20g, it won't slow you down on long hikes.
  • Perfect for everyday carry (EDC).
  • Compared to heavier slings, our minimalist sling directs more energy into the projectile for the same amount of effort.
  • Cracker provides audible feedback during slinging.


  • Length: 28" measured from the finger loop to center of pouch 
  • Weight (unloaded): under 20g
  • Color: brown
  • Material: leather pouch and finger loop with synthetic cords

*SAFETY NOTE: You are responsible for anything you launch or throw with a sling. While this sling is designed for tennis balls, it is possible to put other things in the pouch. Always consider your environment, including where the projectile may go if accidentally released from the pouch. Also pay attention to what may be behind or near your target. Keep other people at least 6-8 feet away to avoid getting hit with the sling cords. Children should only use a sling with adult supervision. We also recommend eye protection.